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What is Ola?


Ola is a programmable virtual machine using zk technology on the second layer of Ethereum. It has the following characteristics:

Seamlessly Unites Public and Private dApps into One Platform
Effortless Development of Privacy Applications
High Performance

How does Ola work?

Use Ola-lang to deploy your contract on OlaVM to seamlessly connect to Ethereum.


Ola-lang is a privacy-centric programming language designed for secure and confidential applications, leveraging zero-knowledge cryptography. It offers a seamless and intuitive development experience with built-in privacy features.

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OlaVM is a privacy-focused zkVM (zero-knowledge virtual machine) designed to enable secure and confidential computations. It empowers developers to execute privacy-preserving algorithms and protect sensitive data, utilizing the power of zero-knowledge cryptography. With OlaVM, developers can harness the benefits of zkVM technology to build privacy-enhanced applications and ensure data confidentiality.

Experience Ola

We provide a test network that contains all the functions of the main network, so you can freely experience the functions of Ola.


We have launched a series of activities aimed at giving back to the community and working with users,Let’s build the ola community together.

OVP Program

Become a community builder and get Olavm points (OVP).

Local Ambassador Program

Become the spokesperson of Ola and the KOL of the community!


Coming soon!

Shape Your Own Web3 Journey

A ZKVM-based, High-performance, Privacy-focused layer2 platform.

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